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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. While it is most efficient and least intrusive to install when a space is empty, we will install in occupied spaces. Additional charges are required for the moving and slowed pace that is the byproduct of occupied spaces.
  • Yes you can! Contact us today to learn more about our flooring options!
  • No, we would be happy to remove old flooring for you. That being said, we do charge for the service and if you want to save money, you could consider taking this step on yourself.
  • Yes. We do our best to get you the styles and look you want by finishing your flooring project from end to end.
  • From painted trim, to stained wood, we will carefully remove and reinstall trim putting your room back together just as it was when we found it. We also can install cove base molding where appropriate.
  • Yes. We know that it won’t be long before you’ll need that again. We’d be happy to work around your appliances and bath fixtures.
  • Yes. We have experience leveling small and large spaces in preparation for its flooring.
  • Yes. For now, we do not install hardwood floors. However, we do have relationships with skilled craftsmen who do and we would be happy to make a connection happen.
  • We know that this can be a difficult decision and we are here to help. While we can’t make the decision for you, here are a few things to consider.
    • There is a difference between dirty and worn. Dirty carpet still has lots of life left in it. The fibers are not damaged, they are just soiled and need cleaning. Worn carpet is damaged and no matter how many times you try to clean it, it will still look worn and tired. This is a good time to consider replacing flooring.
    • Not all repairs will look good. While we do our best to make repairs as unnoticeable as possible, damaged carpets will often show the place of the repair. This is because it takes a precise cut in order to have a precise seam. Carpet tares are often jagged without much material to work with when putting back together. Depending on where the damage has happened and how much has happened, it may be time to replace the flooring.
    • Do you have the right flooring for its location? Have you ever walked into a carpeted bathroom and got the heebie jeebies? Some things just don’t belong where they’ve been installed. It may be the case that the flooring looks great where it is but it is not purposed correctly. This is a reason to consider installing a different type of flooring.
    • There is a difference between dirty and stained. Some stains are “set in” and are not going to move no matter how hard we try. Stains that will not clean out do happen and are a reason to consider changing flooring.
    • Pets make a mess. Don’t get us wrong, we love them too, but they make a mess of hard surface flooring and carpeted surfaces alike. Pet urine, hair and claws can do tremendous damage to a flooring surface and underlayment. While we have pet treatment solutions that work excellently, not all surfaces are salvageable. Based on the pervasiveness of odor, health concerns and stains, it may be time to consider new flooring.
    • Water can do a lot of damage quickly. It is important to remember that all that water went somewhere. If you have carpet, it may be locked into your pad underneath your carpet. If you have laminate flooring, it may have creeped underneath a surface that looks great but may be rotting underneath. If you smell “musty odors” or the floor feels soft underfoot, it is a good indication that you have a water problem that needs to be addressed.
    • It’s not your style. Sometimes that is all it takes. Flooring has a tremendous impact on the aesthetic of a room. When that happens, it may be time for that floor to go.