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Our Services

We offer a variety of services but are primarily focused on flooring insallation. Installation services may include removal and disposal of old flooring, subfloor preparation, and installation. We work with a few preferred vendors but would gladly install your flooring no matter who it comes from. Our installers will work with expertise and care for the benefit of our customer and the community we live and work in.

Installation Services

Carpet: Carpet softens a space and makes a room feel comfortable and warm. From the plush to the tight durable weaves, let us install your carpet right. Every carpet installed will be appropriately secured and stretched into place ensuring that you have a tight fitting, long lasting, wrinkle free carpet that you can trust was installed right.

Laminate: Laminate flooring gives you that tough durable surface that you’ve been looking for. Have a pet, high traffic areas, or rollerblading children? Laminate is an excellent ding and scratch resistant option. Laminate flooring looks and feels like hardwood flooring at a fraction of the price and often stands up better to wear and tear.

Vinyl: Need that durable water resistant surface for your bathroom or kitchen remodel? Vinyl flooring is what you need. Vinyl comes in a variety of styles and formats. Today’s vinyl floors have the look you need and are a cost effective, durable and beautiful water resistant option.

A few styles are listed below:

Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP):

These planks will give your spaces a hardwood look without the worry of water damage. Safe in bathrooms and kitchens where dishwashers, splashes and spills happen. Get the feel and look of wood with the peace of mind of vinyl.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT):

Have a commercial space or want more of a commercial look? These tiles are an excellent choice for spaces that take a beating and need to keep on ticking. LVT is often seen in commercial kitchens, office areas, classrooms, homes and utility spaces. An excellent water resistant option.

Sheet Vinyl:

Sheet vinyl is the flooring ultimate in water safe surfaces. With no seams and complete coverage, this is a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Cost effectiveness and a variety of patterns and colors keep this familiar flooring at the top of the list of “go-to’s” for many homeowners and property managers.

Other Services

Carpet Stretching and Repair: Sometimes all a carpet needs is a little TLC. We do repairs of rips and tares as well as carpet stretching to get the bubbles and wrinkles out.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning: Our sister company, Palouse Carpet Cleaning would be happy to serve you if cleaning is what you need. We clean carpets and hard surfaces like linoleum, laminate and tile throughout the Palouse region. It would be our delight to clean for you.

Area Rugs:

Palouse Carpet Cleaning has the technicians and expertise to care for your area rugs including orientals, persians and other natural fiber rugs. These delicate, durable rugs need a technician you can trust.

Flood Services:

We have trained technicians ready to help in the event of a flood emergency. Trained and skilled in everything from water removal and drying to drywall, paint and flooring installation. Our systems of documenting and measuring are the result of industry experience working with landlords, tenants and insurance companies. Our flood service solutions are available to you anytime you need us.

Floor Waxing/Resurfacing:

If you’ve got a vinyl floor that could use a little renewal or regular maintenance, we have you covered. We have the right products and the right process to keep your spaces looking clean, bright and beautiful. We offer stripping, waxing, cleaning and buffing services.