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Is It Time For New Carpet?

You’ve cared for your carpets for as long as you’ve had them. You’ve regularly vacuumed and even had them professionally cleaned, you’ve done everything right.

So why do they look so worn? Sometimes, your carpets have done all that they can do and they just have no life left in them. While sad, it also gives you the opportunity to update your space with a carpet that suits your needs and looks fantastic.

Don’t waste any more time wondering if your carpet can still be saved, call today and we’ll assist you throughout the whole process. You’ve taken the first step to a cozy home, don’t stop there!

Choosing The Right Carpet

You’d love to get new carpets, but you’d also love something that lasts. Maybe you’re wondering if carpet has that type of longevity, or if it can hold up against the wear and the stains. Sometimes it can be helpful to see different options and how they perform. Fortunately, when it comes to carpet, there are several types that can give you longevity as well as stain resistance. 

1. Nylon Carpet

Nylon is a fantastic overall carpet and is one of the most popular carpets that you can get. It is very resilient and will outlast almost all other man made fibers. It is often treated with a stain blocking material that gives it very good stain resistance. That being said, it is not as stain resistant as polyester. Before it is treated, nylon is very easy to dye, this means that it is available in almost any color. Overall, nylon is one of the best carpets you can buy due to its longevity, good stain resistance, and many color options.

2. Polyester Carpet

Polyester is one of the most stain resistant options on the market. It’s not as resilient as nylon, but it’s a great option if  you’re worried about pets or children making a mess around the house. Polyester is also usually softer and cheaper compared to nylon. Many polyesters are often solution dyed, meaning that the color lasts for much longer and fades much slower. In general, this is a great carpet that provides great options at a better price compared to nylon.

3. P.E.T.

P.E.T. is a higher grade form of polyester. It performs very similarly to regular polyester, but they differ when it comes to the actual composition of the materials. P.E.T. is largely made up of recycled plastics from items like bottles and various kinds of packaging. This is part of the reason why this fiber is so stain resistant. One option of P.E.T. requires 30% less energy, emits 42% less greenhouse gasses and uses 87% less water to produce. These attributes make it a high quality, affordable and eco-friendly product. 

We provide carpet in different sizes, designs, colors, structures, and qualities.  

Let us transform your bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, home offices, and even your stairs by installing the right carpet for your needs.

We don’t want you to settle on inferior carpet. We’ll get you to the type that suits your taste and your space!

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