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Sheet Vinyl

Are you looking for the perfect flooring for your home at a bargain? Then vinyl sheets might be the best fit for you! Vinyl sheets are modern and flexible flooring that has boundless advantages. They let you modify your current home or paint your new home with designs that suit it best. 

Vinyl sheets are thin, flexible sheets with a transparent wear layer and printed design. They are typically installed with glue-down bonding though there are other variants that use perimeter bond for installation. 

Vinyl sheets come with various measurements of six to twelve widths in ready-made rolls. We can cut them to the desired measurement. 

As a homeowner, before you decide which flooring to go with, let us give you three reasons why sheet vinyl might be the perfect fit for your home. 

1. Sheet Vinyl is Water and Strain Resistant

One of the best advantages of choosing sheet vinyl over others is the capability of water resistance. As mentioned earlier, vinyl sheets have a transparent wear layer that protects the sheets from spills and stains. The vinyl sheet is also made of waterproof materials like PVC that make it even more beneficial for water-prone areas like the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. You can choose sheet vinyl for other areas like bedrooms and living rooms. It can fit perfectly anywhere in your home. 

2. Sheet Vinyl is Easy to Maintain

If you take most other flooring options, sheet vinyl is one of the easiest ones to clean. Spills and humidity can cause damage to a wood floor. However, sheet vinyl is resistant and doesn’t require your constant attention. A regular sweeping can keep it clean. Sheet vinyl is also the best choice for rental or investment properties. They’re affordable and easy to maintain, and results in the best return on investment. 

3. Sheet Vinyl Provides Foot Comfort

In the winter, sheet vinyl doesn’t get cold as ceramic or hardwood floors. In the summer, they won’t get hot as ceramic tiles in sunny rooms. Sheet vinyl will be softer under your feet, and will keep an even warmth that feels nice on your feet. Some vinyl sheets come with a paddled underlayer. That makes them even comfier while walking on them. 

If you are looking for a new design for your flooring, consider sheet vinyl, it’s durable, attractive, and a bargain for your wallet. 

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